Sunday, October 28, 2007

Resident Evil Extinction - film ' the week

Lets be frank: Alice the uber ex supermodel milla jovovich has never looked more alluring in a scarlet dress and knee high boots - or bikers' leather coat and Lara Croft's blood stained hand-me-down shorts - but as all post apocolyptic sci fi buffs know, real women prefer knives - and if either you or your clone is destined to protect a convoy of the un-infected by slaying legions of the flesh eating undead - panga blades make for coolest weapons of mass destruction.

For those of you non-water signs, this is the third instalment of the franchise - and there's a fairly consistent plot throughout so it would definately enhance your viewing pleasure to check out the first two.

Yes its financed by Sony whom we dont like, descent of Hollywood producers whose agendas are profit - but Sufferable Tendencies is about sifting through a variety of stimulus including popular culture and enjoying zombie ass kickers in all their g(l)ory. Oh, checkout the impressive site Enjoy!