Monday, October 22, 2007

set it off!

lest we begin with someone else's words... The almighty chris c. sings of a freedom midst the eery silence of the vacuum left after a once great revolution - short months before he parts ways with a brotherhood destined to rage against an enemy - the same complicit illness that some would have us believe to be eradicated...

this site may oneday represent more than a mere distillation of seemingly diverse inspirations, it may oneday come to represent a singular spirit of clear struggle given enmity between opposite realities - for somewhere over such plains of personal perception lingers a greater truth, one that resonates through a multitude of beautiful people and suffers the conscious and weary blot of too many more.

whatever becomes of such endeavour, know it was borne of a latent desire to better understand the sufferable tendencies of one and in so doing find a new frame of reference given the struggle of others .

This is no treatise, not yet - it's a copper pot-still full of dings. Here's hoping action follows belief as much as love might trail insight.

Hamba Gahle, Barry S.